#sealfie vs. #selfie

Ellen DeGeneres, don’t just be the next beautiful, blonde celebrity to crush an aboriginal people & run.

Sealskin coat, caribou fur pants, wolf fur boots, borrowed from Aaju Peter.

Sealskin coat, caribou fur pants, wolf fur boots, borrowed from Aaju Peter.

Today I wrote and sent a letter to Ellen DeGeneres. Please see it in the facebook post at the bottom of this entry. The subject is very relevant to the documentary film I am working on at the moment, called Angry Inuk. It’s called “Angry” to be ironic, because of how Inuit have a tendency to be calm and respectful even when we’re really mad or upset about something.

Ellen recently broke the record for the most retweeted picture of all time with her Oscar Awards ceremony #selfie. The huge company Samsung agreed to donate $1 to a charity of her choice for every retweet she got. She chose to donate to HSUS, which acts against seal hunting, and she shared some very drastic and strong words against seal hunting herself. My heart broke.

I am a fan of Ellen’s, and I had a moment where I thought “Oh no! Not you too! But I want to keep liking you!”. However, Ellen cannot know how she is hurting us if we don’t let her know. We can’t blame her for only having the animal rights groups’ point of view if we don’t reach out to let her know how we’re affected! So if you agree, please write to her to let her know how you feel. If you are not sure how to say it, or don’t have a lot of time, please feel free to cut and paste what I wrote as a basis for your letter. I am trying to have faith in Ellen as a human being, and I will not assume she won’t listen or understand, given the chance.

Another idea that my hilarious friend Laakkuluk Williamson came up with: post a picture of yourself wearing sealskin and send it to her by twitter with the hashtag #sealfie in reference to her famous and heavily retweeted #selfie.

Please take a minute to watch the video in the FB post, and most importantly, take a second to “like” Killaq’s sweet and eloquent video. If we get enough views (they are piling up fast already!), maybe she will manage to get Ellen’s attention.

Best of luck to my fellow Inuit and other seal-loving friends. This is an opportunity for our voice to be heard, let’s not let it slip by without trying.

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    Crazy hurricane blizzard in Iqaluit

    From about noon yesterday (January 7, 2014) to noon today, Iqaluit had the biggest craziest blizzard I’ve witnessed in many years, maybe ever. I’m pretty sure we had a nastier one when I was an infant, but of course I don’t remember that. It was 9 days long or something crazy, and houses were literally buried. People were standing on their roofs afterward, which were now at ground-level.

    Anyway, yesterday was scary. Other than some dents in my car from my flying garbage box, we came out unscathed, despite 18 hours without power, much of which was without cell or internet. Glad to hear everyone was OK, despite all the property damage.

    Here’s a short video of the view out my door. This was definitely before the worst of it. It was too dark out to shoot when the winds were at their highest, which was sustained winds of 111 km/hr, with gusts up to 141 km/hr. Nuts!!!

    Our beloved weather guy on local CBC radio (Kootoo) often uses the phrase “darrrrrn windy!” and rolls his R’s. It turned into a mini hashtag trend in Iqaluit during the storm.

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      Alethea on DNTO!

      I was interviewed by CBC for Sook Yin Lee’s show “Definitely Not the Opera” (a.k.a. DNTO) for an episode about body image. Click this link to find info about the episode. On that page you will find a “Listen” button to hear the episode.


      You can also see DNTO’s tweet about it here:


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        Tunniit screening at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

        My film Tunniit is screening at the Winnipeg Art Gallary as part of Inuit Film Night held in conjunction with the exhibition Creation & Transformation: Defining Moments in Inuit Art, a fascinating look at the history of Inuit art over the past six decades—artistic developments, influential artists, new media. Click the link to see more:


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          Arctic Defenders site is live!

          We’re live! Check out the site for a new project that I’m co-producing with John Walker Productions: arcticdefenders.ca

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            Inuit High Kick now online

            For those of you that missed it before, the Inuit High Kick film is now back up online after a successful run of film festivals. View the film, photos, interviews about Inuit games and the film and more at:


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              LUMAAJUUQ wins Golden Sheaf Award

              Well, this is now the second time I’ve won an award for my Lumaajuuq animation and missed the event! First was at the ImagineNATIVE festival in October, and now again at the Yorkton Film Festival in Saskatchewan. Lumaajuuq just won a Golden Sheaf award in the “Best Aboriginal” category at the Yorkton Film Festival.

              Thanks so much to the animator I worked with on this film, Dan Gies of www.everyonediesfilms.com. Thanks also to my producers Debbie Brisebois of Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and Derek Mazur formerly of the National Film Board, who has since moved on to become the CEO of Nunavut Film.

              See the full list of Golden Sheaf award winners here:


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                Lumaajuuq and Bear Facts double-nominated at the Yorkton Festival!

                Exciting news! The animation I did with the NFB called Lumaajuuq, has been nominated for two awards at the Yorkton Film Festival.

                mother curses her own son blind with dirty whale fat

                Click on this link to see the list of nominated films:


                My husband’s animation, Bear Facts, is also double-nominated! We’re competing against each other in one of the categories, hahah.

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                  vote for your favourite documentary!

                  Wow, this is a list of seriously excellent documentaries. Tough choice, but I have to say Last Train Home by Lixin Fan is now one of my favourite docs ever. Killer list, I haven’t seen them all but I plan to! Click on the link to see the list and vote:


                  To learn more about the film and/or the people that made it, go to:


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                    Props to 280 Productions

                    OMG. These 280P guys are SO funny! And nerdy but in a super cool way! How have I never seen these videos before? This is true Inuk humour, anyone from Nunavut will be rolling on the floor after watching their Christmas Games comedy skit.

                    After you watch that and have a good laugh, make sure to click on ALL their videos. They also do (slightly) more serious current affairs issues. I was so happy to see young Inuit get into media, and talking about world politics with a sense of humour. Way to go guys, keep it up! Ajunngittusi!

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