Greenpeace and Inuit… strange bedfellows?

Check out this FB post from Clyde River mayor’s page. Recently, Greenpeace recently apologized for the damage they’ve done to Inuit communities through their anti-sealing campaigns. Jerry Natanine is the mayor who said he wanted to tell Greenpeace to “fuck off”, but that he decided against it because we need their help to fight underwater seismic testing (which could harm animals and lead to offshore oil drilling). Clyde River is one of communities that was hardest hit by Greenpeace’s anti-sealing activities over the decades. It says a lot that Jerry and others in Clyde are ready to try and work with organizations like Greenpeace. Forgive and move on for the greater good! Now let’s just hope Greenpeace doesn’t screw us again somehow.

I hope they will actually work toward repairing the unspeakable damage they’ve done. Let’s see if they end up trying to dictate arctic affairs, or if they will keep their word and work to empower Inuit to protect our lands and water and animals. On this seismic testing issue, Clyde River and Greenpeace are on the same page. I’m very curious to see what will happen when an issue comes up that they disagree on.

Whatever happens, I am intensely proud of how Jerry Natanine and Niore Iqalukjuak have handled this seismic testing crisis. They made very difficult decisions with strength and wisdom.

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